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MTT#0525 三つ揃い

郷愁 家紋 賽銭箱 桐紋 菊紋 葵紋 Song To The Pharoah Kings Chick Corea

三つ揃い とは言っても、
three-piece suit の事ではありません。

神社で見付けた 御紋 のオンパレード!。

菊紋と 桐紋と 葵紋と の3重奏。

この お賽銭箱 は 凄い組み合わせですねぇ。

中央 左 右 の順で。
菊紋: 十六八重表菊:皇室
桐紋: 五三桐:足利将軍家 太閤秀吉 現政府
葵紋: 徳川葵:徳川宗家 水戸徳川 尾張徳川(十三本芯 江戸後期)

此処に願いを掛ければ、 それは、如何にも、効きそうですね。
建立当時(江戸)の庶民の心を擽る演出! 等とほざくと 怒られそうですが。


" Song To The Pharoah Kings "  。
aka " Chilren's Song #6 "  。
( 1974 , Chick Corea )  。

Album ;  " Returns / Chick Corea "  ( 2009 )  。

2 件のコメント:

  1. It is one of the most fascinating times ShiroYuki. I read the book by James Clavell called Shogun many years ago.. many books have come and gone from my bookshelves but Shogun is still there. One of the most fascinating books I have read.

    1. To Dear PerthDailyPhoto. Thanks to your comment.

      'Shogun' writen by James Clavell, I did't read this. X(
      Also I never saw the movie of this. X( X(
      Perhaps, too interesting book! I think so.
      Probapbly, To make the story fun, the novel should have many exaggerated expressions.
      Maybe, many fictions are included...
      Only I tell you is that the japanese histories are still alive in our daily life. :) ;)