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To Foreigners,Commentators and Everybody

To Foreigners.
To Commentators.
To Everybody.
... trying my best in English.

**********    To Foreigners.     **********

Thanks to visiting my blog.



Please use the automatic translation,
 by Google or Bing, 
which existed in right Column.

If you do so, often,
my broken Japanese will be translated
into strange meanings 
in your selected language.

Am I strange? ... ,

 Yes, perhaps. 
 (It's my joke.)

It is caused  
by my broken Japanese
but not by the translation system.

**********    To Commentators.     **********

Thanks to your comment on my blog.

I tried a answer in English.
I thank you for reading it through.
Hope my English mistakes haven't put you off.

I guess you will get used to my funny English writing.

Hope you will understand...  :)

I am waiting your comment.

**********    To Everybody.     **********

Thanks a lot!!!

Love you madly. 

           (My hero, Duke Ellington's favorite phrase)

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